Welcome and Hello!

I’m James and this is my amazing family.

In the picture is me, my lovely and beautiful wife Jessica 😍, my oldest daughter Xaria, and my newborn daughter Xayla.

Fun Fact: 😉 I met my wife in a bank and opened her bank account.

I’m the creator of this blog and I’m so happy you’re here.  😀 👏

Am I Qualified to Run this Blog?


I Think So


Well, I love helping people learn how to use money and I have a Finance Degree. I am an entrepreneur and create many financial documents to help people manage their finances.


All that information is not what makes me qualified. What really makes me qualified is:


My Nana’s teachings – My family was not shy talking about money, especially my Nana. She was very clear that I had to invest to win with money. Nana doesn’t give gifts like normal people. She gives gifts of company stock, so if you don’t have an investment account you’re not getting gifts from Nana.


She also taught us about giving at an early age.  For Christmas my Nana has an interesting way of giving a gift. Her gift to everyone is a donation to the charity of your choice. This forced me to do my research on charities and their operations to make good choices of where to send my gift.



Nana & James


My family historyFrom Chains to Champs. Early in life we started out very poor. My biological father was not around and I had a single teenage mother with 2 babies. My mom is a fighter though, she chose to be a survivor, not a victim. This is where I get my toughness from. Growing up she made hard sacrifices and put in hard work so that I would have a chance to succeed. I will not take her sacrifices for granted and waste my life.


To tell you that we were poor is an understatement. We had no extras. No movies, no shopping, no gifts, and never a vacation. Just lonely nights with the 3 of us. My mom cleaned houses for cash so we could have 1 McDonalds treat a month 🍟. We had a car worth $150 (That’s not a typo). We had to leave the windows open to keep the fumes out. Did I mention we lived in Ohio (Cold)? Speaking of the cold, we used our snow covered roof for a refrigerator and our refrigerator was flipped on it’s side for our table.



James & Mom


My mom finally took out the trash and decided to change her life. She changed the whole family tree. Who would have ever thought that the poor woman from Ohio with a junker car would have a son that now teaches people about how to manage money?


If you wanted to know why I do what I do and why I’m so passionate about helping others manage money. There it is.


I’m a numbers nerd and not a salesmanMath has always been my favorite subject, and if you ever ask any of my friends I won’t shut up about math or finances. It’s ironic that I’m writing this blog because I really don’t like to write. Lol. The reason I do it is because my mission is more important than my preferences.


I hate sales. Got that? Let me say it again. I HATE SALES. I will not charge you to read this blog. Haha. I will educate you how to succeed with finances and you will be able to make informed financial decisions.


Still not convinced?


Then you will have to live with the fact that I used to be a stud wrestler. I was not the most talented wrestler but I was able to outwork and study more than my competitors to succeed. I was able to become a National Champ and multiple time All-American (top 8 in the country). I did this by doing countless hours of research and training like a mad man. I trained with the Navy Seals and Army Rangers. Finances are easy compared to what they put me through.


Now that I’m no longer competing and as my wife says “out of my prime” I have turned that same focus and drive to affect the lives of as many people as I can reach. I have a very big dream to make a huge impact on this world on how it views and uses money.




From National Champs to Financial Champs


The reason you’re here?


If you’re here to learn how to manage your finances without being intimidated then you’re in the right place. I am looking to train Financial Champs and I will work hard if you are willing to work hard and change your life.


Q: Are finances as hard as I think they are?

A: No

The financial industry can be very complex and you can make big mistakes if you don’t educate yourself. I will teach you without using all the financial jargon that only confuses people.


Q: James, have you ever made a financial mistake?

A: Yes (Both me and my wife.)

I will be vulnerable and tell you anything you want to know about my own personal finances. This is not a site to judge you. It is a site to challenge you and help you learn from others mistakes.


If you’re ready to become one of many financial champs contact us below.

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