What’s With The Logo?



The Rudis Sword is a symbol of Freedom.

Are you a slave to your finances?

Ever feel like you’re a slave to your finances? I’ve been there.

Don’t think you’re a slave to you finances? Try quitting your job for a year. Do you go to work because you have to or because you get to?

A lot of people talk about financial freedom and some get rich quick companies even sell you on financial freedom by playing on your emotions. Typically the only people making money are the people at the top and the ones running the seminar.

(Pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing, direct sales, real estate seminars, a hot new investment, etc.)

Get rich quick schemes are not typically how financial freedom is achieved.

“If it sounds to good to be true IT IS.”

How Can I Become Financially Free?

Good choices, steady plodding, and hard work is the way to do it. Yes, I said hard work not impossible work. You have to fight to become financially free. You don’t have to be rich already, have a high paying job, invent something and go on Shark Tank to become financially free. You can become wealthy with a minimum wage job. What? Yes, it’s true. I’ve seen it. It’s all about good choices, steady plodding, and hard work. You have to change the way you think! This blog exists to teach you.

“Wealthy people talk about investing, poor people talk about rich people.” James Phillips

Tell Me About This Sword Already

Ancient Gladiators were slaves and they were forced to fight for their lives for entertainment. These gladiators had to endure many battles and make them memorable in order to be noticed. A gladiator was able to fight and earn their freedom over time. In order to be free a gladiator must be presented with a wooden sword called a RUDIS SWORD. This sword is engraved with the past battles and is proof of the gladiators achieved freedom. The gladiator must carry the sword with them at all times as a symbol of their freedom from slavery.

It’s time for you to fight for your Financial Freedom and become one of the many Financial Champs I have trained.



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